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Our Holy Monastery burned to the ground in the afternoon of August 12

Dear Faithful and Friends of Our Holy Monastery

With great sadness we have to inform you that the main church of our Holy Monastery burned to the ground in the afternoon of August 12. We do not know the source or the cause of the fire at this time which has been a true tragedy for the believers, the monastic community, and all our friends. There are a lot of rumors circulating, but none of them have been proven as facts by the proper authorities.

During this terrible fire, we have tried very hard to salvage as much as we could from the treasures which were in the church, but unfortunately we were able to salvage only the Holy Relics, before we were overcome by heavy smoke and flames. Thank God that the relics were saved, because they are irreplaceable.

We were helpless in such a difficult situations and could only watch the fire which consumed our most precious jewel, our Church, our work, and your sacrifices made throughout the years.

All contents of the church (icons, vestments, books, holy chalices, and iconostas) were completely destroyed. We also lost our sole means of income for the monastery, our candle making equipment, which was totally burned.

Even though our hearts are heavy and sad for all that happened, we are not losing faith in Our Lord, and thank Him for everything that He blesses us with, and ask Him to give us strength and help us rebuild our house of worship.

We ask you to stand with us, the same way you have always stood, in good, and especially in trying times that our Monastery has experienced throughout the years.

Any donation or help you can afford is greatly appreciated. The total loss has been estimated at approximately 1.5 million dollars. Also, if anyone has candle making equipment that they can donate to the monastery, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all your help and your prayers.