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Our needs

"Giving you will get back" (Pr. Nicolae Steinhardt)

The monastery is always that heaven down to earth, where all who come looking for peace, rest, accomodation and food will find offered with much love.

To be able every day to offer to all the necessary for their soul and body, in this section you will find what our Holy monastery need and you feel free to help us offering us a little bit of your love:

1. As you know, the very dear project for our monastery is bringing from Romania and mounting  here the wooden church. For this we still need your financial support. $50,000 remained covered until May 2015.

2. Also for the purposes of daily activities, we need a washer machine and a dryer.

3. We would like on the next period to cover the costs needed for the gas distribution network in the Holy Monastery. The total costs are $15,000 and we kindly ask your financial support for this.

May God bless you and to multiply your sacrifices.